Game Day

It is important players and parents are organised on match day.


All players should be at the ground not later than 45 minutes before the stated kick-off time to assist with:

  • game preparations
  • coaches/team managers game instructions
  • time for players to get ready
  • warm-up

Change Rooms

All ground locations should be provided with change rooms for players (FFT Competition Rules).

Entry is for players, coaches and team managers only. This allows for

  • Minimal disruptions to players
  • Coaches/team managers game instructions

Players should be directed into the change room at half-time for fluids and 2nd half coaches game instructions.

If the rostered home game match is the first or last scheduled at Gormley Park or Lightwood Park Ground 1, the coach, team manager and parent group is responsible for:

  • The setting up of goal nets and corner flags
  • Prepare home, visitor and referee change rooms with rubbish bins
  • Place first aid kit and stretcher adjacent to playing pitch
  • Assistant referee duties
  • Referee duties when FFT have not allocated any to the game