Competition Structure

The competition is significantly different to the Junior leagues in so far as teams play for points, ladders and goal scorers are recorded.  The full rules of the competition are available in the Football Federation Tasmania Competition Rules. Please note, that although the FFT Youth competition tracks results, this club supports the FFA Curriculum and as Youth players are in their Game Training phase of development, the Club's focus is developing youth players that will be ready  for the performance Phase of football when they are 17, not on winning at all costs.

Match Duration

Age GroupEach Half DurationHalf Time Break
Under 14 35 minutes 5 minutes
Under 16 40 minutes 10 minutes
Under 18 45 minutes 15 minutes

Youth Ladders

In all Youth roster competitions, ladder placing is decided by awarding three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a draw and zero (0) points for a loss. The team finishing first on the table is deemed the League Champions.

Goals difference is decided by deducting the number of goals scored against a team from the number of goals scored by that team.  Goal difference is applied to decide a team's placing where its points are equal to the points scored by another team.  In the event that the goals difference is also equal for two teams, the team scoring the greatest number of goals shall be deemed the better team for placing purposes.

Disciplinary System

Any breach of the FIFA Laws of the Game, Constitution, By Laws or  Rules shall be dealt with, where applicable, with the imposition of either Yellow Card (Caution), Red Card (Expulsion) or a Misconduct Charge.