Kingborough Lions announces High-Performance Mens Program coaching team for 2018 season

Kingborough Lions United FC is pleased to announce the appointment of  Nick Di Martino (Assistant NPL coach), Greg Calvert (Challenge League & Assistant NPL coach), Andrew Duncan (Goalkeeper Coach) and Jez Kenth (Video Analyst) to join NPL Head coach Mark Broadbent, for the 2018 NPL season.

Joining NPL Head coach Mark Broadbent, Di Martino has worked with multiple NPL clubs in Tasmania and has assisted multiple championship winning coaches such as Ken Morton, Peter Savill & Chris Hey. He will be coming to the Lions fresh from a one year break in 2017.

Calvert returns to the Den having previously coached and played with the Lions 19 years ago. He has coached at various levels with his most recent experiences being with youth teams both at State and club level.

Di Martino and Calvert have significant years of coaching (and playing) experience under their belts and Duncan(in his second year of transition from player to coach) has charged forward with his goalkeeper coaching accreditations in2017.

“We have taken care to establish this coaching team – a team with the skill, experience, knowledge and desire to work collectively toward on field success”,
said Technical Director Simon Edwards
“this coaching team is not making up numbers – they are passionate, professional and committed to achieving results. These appointments reinforce our strategic goal of bringing focus and stability to the High Performance Mens program and our academy pathways – for players this means depth and consistency in the coaching ethos of the Club. ”

Both Di Martino and Calvert come to the Lions with a clear intent of “making a difference”. They see the potential in players, staff and ground development projects and are excited to be part of building a successful future for the Lions.

Calvert brings additional energy, enthusiasm and passion to the program:

I am passionate about creating an environment players aspire to be a part of…. For many years Kingborough has been spoken about as a sleeping giant [around 600 members] that’s never truly awakened and this is a great opportunity as a collective to make a difference” said Calvert.

Di Martino looks forward to improving the Lions’ competitiveness. He hopes to bring an increased intensity to training:

without intensity you will not get to the next level. To get noticed you need to knuckle down and train and commit as if you’re at that level already” said Di Martino.

Duncan hopes to build on the achievements of the 2017 season – 2 of the goalkeepers in the Lions Womens program were selected for state duties and arguably Shekman demonstrated growth to be one of the best NPL keepers in the state. Duncan believes he benefits as a coach having been a keeper himself.

He says the opportunities at Kingborough are too good to say “no” to and one of the things that keeps bringing him back isthe culture of the club – it’s just such a great place to be around.”

Jez, who broke his leg late in the 2017 season, is going to provide video analysis and assist the coaching team before looking to re-engaging with physical training.  Lions Head NPL Coach, Mark Broadbent is looking forward to the additional benefit these quality coaches will bring.

“Mark appreciates the importance that input from others brings in the coaching process and the importance of the coaching team being aligned - especially on the goal of delivering on-field results which are an outcome of quality player education”
said Edwards,
“we have had planning sessions with the new team and are focussed on the delivery of an intense pre-season cycle kicking off 12 November ”

Following the tumultuous senior coaching turnovers in the previous 2 seasons the club is very pleased with the appointments.

“Our commitment is to our players, community, sponsors and football development in the region. We maintain focussed on our junior and youth development programs, continual improvement of our high performance senior programs, facilities and coach development in the region. We believe that this coaching team will enhance our ability to deliver on these goals.” says KLUFC President, Warren Iles.

Warren Iles, KLUFC President,, 0409 793 874

Coaching Announcement 2018

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