Important Message from Kingborough Lions United FC

18 March 2020

Dear Kingborough Lions United FC Family,

We live in very interesting times.

No matter our age or life experience, I am sure not many or indeed any of us have lived through challenges like the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, like anything in life, it is how you respond to such challenges that dictates our future.

You will no doubt be aware that Football Federation Australia (FFA) via our state association Football Tasmania (FT) Late Tuesday announced the following decision;

"after careful consideration and having regard to the feedback received from the grassroots community, FFA advises that effective from 12:00am on 18 March 2020, all sanctioned grassroots football activity in Australia will be suspended until 14 April 2020.  

The suspension applies to all sanctioned matches and competitions, including National Premier Leagues, FFA Cup, youth and grassroots football (including MiniRoos and futsal) as well as training and associated football related activities".

Whilst this is naturally disappointing, as we all prepared to embark on the 2020 season, we as a club are very supportive of this decision because above everything else the health and wellbeing of our members and the wider community is the most important factor.

Your Management Committee is working closely with FT and the respective government agencies to ensure that the latest official information is received and conveyed to you in a professional and timely manner.  Therefore, I would ask, if you have not done so already, that you please ensure you have 'LIKED' the Kingborough Lions United Football Club Facebook page so you can quickly receive all updates as they are provided.

I would also suggest that you ensure your coach or manager has your online contact details so that you are in a position to receive specific information regarding your team and any "solo training program' that might be put into place to ensure you maintain a good level of fitness in readiness for when the season does get underway.  This particularly pertains to our Youth and Senior players.

As we continue to support each other and look out for our friends and colleagues, please look after your mental health and reach out if you need help. A number of helplines and resources for businesses are available.

I'd have to say that things always happen for a reason and we all have a choice on how we respond to any given situation.  As mentioned, we are all disappointed that for at least the next month we will not be participating in the sport that we love so much, however we all have a choice to look for the positives.

That is, what good can come out of this situation?

We are hearing each day about the economic and health costs caused by COVID-19 to name but a few, however there are also many positives coming to light which include families spending more time together, people taking the time to make music, less cars on the road, less pollution etc, and I would also suggest many people being forced to take time out and reflect on their life choices.

Whatever your situation, use this enforced time away from football to improve your personal fitness, give yourself some 'me' time, spend time with those that are closest to you, maybe learn a song and dance routine which you can perform at a club function later in the year.  Whatever it is, do it with a smile on your face as ultimately a happier you is a happier player, coach or supporter.

Your very dedicated Management Committee is here to support and serve you so please take care of yourself, practice good hygiene and be kind to others as we move forward.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Downes
Kingborough Lions United FC
Roar With the Pride!!

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