Club History

Kingborough Lions United Soccer Club resulted from the merger in 1998 of the Kingborough United and Caledonian Soccer Clubs (renamed West Hobart Lions after the banning of ethnic based names by Soccer Australia).

Kingborough United was a long standing strength in the southern-based Premier League and was the result of several previous mergers. The Club had its base at Sherburd Park and utilised grounds at various nearby schools. The Sherburd Park complex was shared with the Blackmans Bay District Cricket Club and managed by the Sherburd Park Management Committee. In 1996 the Tasmanian Baseball Complex became available and the Club, together with the Kingston Crows Cricket Club, were granted long term tenancy of the Complex. The Complex has undergone considerable renovation and has been renamed Lightwood Park Complex

Caledonian Soccer Club (West Hobart Lions Soccer Club) was one of the longest serving clubs in the Tasmanian State League. The Club initially had a very large component of Scottish players; however, over a number of years Scottish migrants to Tasmania gradually diminished. During its forty years the Club had many temporary homes but had yet to establish permanent facilities. Training was undertaken at West Hobart Oval.

1998 was seen as a year of consolidation for the new club with the plan being to maintain all teams in their present leagues, which was achieved successfully. The State League and Youth teams did manage to win Soccer Tasmania's 'Fair Play' Award.

1999 saw a continued expansion of the Lions and further consolidation and, following restructuring of soccer in Tasmania the Lions have been represented in the top-flight competitions ever since.

In 2010, the club started trading as Kingborough Lions United Football Club moving forward with Football Federation Australia and all of its associations.