Kingborough Lions United Football Club

Kingborough Lions is represented in the vast majority of the Senior leagues, including National Premier League, Challenge League, Under 18’s and several other Men’s divisions including the newly formed Over 35’s.  The Club fields teams in STatewide Womens Super League, Southern Championship and  (Social) Women’s divisions, with a minimum of three senior teams consistently participating each season.


The Club also fields teams in all Youth age groups (Boys and Girls) from Under 13 to Under 17 competitions. The Club prides itself in the Youth and Junior development that is being continually nurtured. Many of the Club's youth have and will continue to make State and Southern representation teams.


Kingborough Lions also has the one of the largest participation of Juniors in Tasmania and numbers continue to grow at an incredible rate. Approximately 250 junior players represent the Club every year. Kingborough Lions average 4 teams in every junior age group from Under 6 to Under 12.  We are very proud of our Junior program; our numbers and growing pool of talent augurs well for our future senior teams' prospects.


Kingborough Lions United Football Club is based in the Kingborough Municipality, approximately 10 kms and 10 minutes south of Hobart, the capital of Tasmania.

The Club is based at Lightwood Park, consisting of three playing areas and 4 pitches. This facility offers secure and heated clubrooms from which our patrons can watch the senior and youth matches in absolute comfort.  The Club is also fortunate to have access to Gormley Park for training purposes during the week and additional games at the weekend.

The grounds were maintained, solely, by our Club personnel until the 2005 season when the Kingborough Council, recognising their responsibilities in assisting the Club and its members, took over the task with great success. The Kingborough Council has already proven itself with major improvements to these facilities and we can look forward to continual enhancements at Lightwood Park.